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Our main goal at Experience Coffee is to help people develop their coffee making skills. Anyone is welcomed to join our classes.

We focus on creating classes that are practical and dynamic while always keeping in mind what the Hospitality Industry is looking for.


“I attended the Experience Coffee course and it really was the best option I could have taken. Sebastian is a very enthusiastic guy and passionate about coffee. He likes to teach and share his experience not only about coffee but also about reflections of life in general, which for me have been a great contribution in times of frustration. The best thing about the course is that there are many hours to practice and learn from trial and error and Sebastian is always willing to answer all your questions!”

Andrea -
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“Besides teaching you how to prepare coffee, Sebastian also takes full responsibility to get you into the scene. a great guy who does his job with a passion!”

Sarah -
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“Today I finished my classes with experience coffee, with Sebastian, but it’s just a beginning. I really learned a lot, not just the coffee but also how to find the job, it’s help me a lot. Thank you and I do hope people can enjoy the classes too”

Yimin -
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espresso shot extraction, double shot

We have different types of classes which can suit your needs

With us you can learn how to use espresso machines and grinders.

Through the classes you can learn what you need to make great espresso shots and nice creamy milk.


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